Sir Martin Brofman in Sitges, November 7 - 11

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Body Mirror System

Healing Intensive Seminar

November 7 – 11, 2012

Sitges (Barcelona)

Sir Martin Brofman in Spain (Sitges)

Learn body-mirror system from its originator

Residential Healing Intensive seminar in Spain presented by its originator, Sir Martin Brofman. 

He will teach the classes in English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Body Mirror System

The Body Mirror System is a technique, a method, a set of tools which anyone can use. These tools allow you to explore the relationship between your body, your consciousness, and your life, and to study the inner attitudes which have been shown to encourage the healing process.

The techniques are so simple that even children have been taught to use them. There are no secret symbols, and nothing to join.

This system of healing developed by Martin Brofman, is a synthesis of Western psychology and Eastern philosophies based on the chakras (energy centers found in the Hindu traditions). Because each of these chakras can be associated with certain parts of the consciousness as well as certain parts of the body, they allow us to read the body as a map of the consciousness within. Thus, tensions in the body are seen to reflect tensions in the consciousness, and the chakras can be used as a vehicle to understand the Body Mind Interface and its implications for healing.

At the completion of the experience, you will be able to:

1. Understand and experience yourself as a Being of energy.

2. Feel and direct energy, and see energy (auras, chakras, thought forms).

3. Understand the relationship between your body and your consciousness.

4. Understand how symptoms in the body reflect tensions in the consciousness.

5. Read the body as a map of consciousness, understanding the inner causes to outer symptoms.

6. Understand the chakras and their associations with specific parts of the consciousness and specific parts of the body.

7. Use various tools designed for healing (White Light, colors, thought forms).

8. See the results of putting these techniques and tools to use.

During the class, you will exchange six healings with other participants.

There isn't anything you can't do, just some things that you have not yet learned how to do. This is an opportunity to go beyond your perceived limits, do things you thought were impossible, and recognize the unlimited nature of your Being.


Rooms will be available as of 2 pm Wednesday. Registration from 6 to 7 pm in the hotel lobby. Registration is completed by filling out the form and complete payment of the course. Dinner followed by presentation of the course.

Departure on Sunday will be at approximately 6 pm.

If you want an extra night at the hotel we can manage.

Each night the room of course becomes ballroom and celebrate the healing of the day. On Saturday night, our last party with champagne in abundance.


This seminar will take place in Sitges, beautiful town known internationally, about 32 km from Barcelona Airport. Bus and train connections from the airport to Sitges.  

The Hotel Terramar is located on the sea front at the end of the promanade in the best residential area of Sitges, a charming hotel in Sitges where you've been stars like Brigitte Bardot and under very special conditions to us.

Address: Paseo Marítimo, 80 - 08870 Sitges (Barcelona) 

Phone: (34) 938 940 050

Web site hotel:

Hotel Price per person for all nights, full board “Special fee The BLANCAMA Foundation”

Room type: 

Double: 285€ each - for single use: 360€, three people: 270€ each, four people: 260€ each

Superior room with sea view: Double € 335 each for single use (HDUI) 460 €

We can provide another participant as your room-mate if you want to be in a double

or triple room but you do not know whom to share it with.

Price course

Tuition for this class will be €500 - if you are participating for the first time. If you have already participated in at least one Level 1 Healing Intensive with any instructor, anywhere in the world, you are eligible for a 50% reduction in the tuition (€250), and if your card showing classes in the Body Mirror-System is full, your tuition is free.


To make a reservation, please send us:

- Full name:

- mobile phone

- Address

- Identity card or passport number.

Have you ever had this course before?

All hotel arrangements are being handled by us for the group.

To reserve your place on the Intensive you should pay a deposit of 200€ for the seminar by bank transfer to:


Adress: C/ Sants 258-262 08028 Barcelona (Spain)

Account Name: Fundación BLANCAMA

IBAN ES27 2085 9306 6103 3021 7178

BIC of Ibercaja CAZRES2Z

Please include your name and a note: Sitges and date of the seminar.

Deposits are not refundable if you cancel less than one week before the class.

Full payment of the tuition for the class is made at the time of registration, at 6:00 pm on June 27 at the hotel.

Thank you very much. Please contact us for any additional information.

The course will be offered in both Spanish and English.

For additional information in English, please contact Marta: (+34) 670 678 092

Body Mirror System -

Organized by Foundation BLANCAMA - - Blanca Gimeno (+34) 676.58.09.30

Courses 2012 in Spain:

September 15-16, Weekend-Workshop with Annick Brofman in Barcelona

November 24 -25, A Vision Workshop with Annick Brofman in Barcelona

Healing Intensive Seminar Level 1 with Martin Brofman in Sitges (Barcelona):

June 27-July 1 and November 7-11

Calendar: Calendario google Cuerpo-Espejo

If you consider that someone else might be interested in this seminar, please send this information forward. Thank you very much for your help.